What is an Undergrowby Pet Rock?

In the Stone Quarry in the north-east of Undergrowby, a rare breed of pet rock can be found.madge10 It takes an expert Undergrowby gnome like Madge Dumpling, Quarry-mistress, to recognise one lurking amongst a pile of rubble, and even she is sometimes wrong. She collects her specimens, brings them indoors and sits them along her hearth beside her roaring fire. Then she sits on her pet rocking chair, claps her hands in perfect time and she sings her own wobbly version of an ancient magic rock chant ( a Dumpling family secret). All the time she watches the fireside, knowing full well what is about to happen. Sooner or later, one by one, by the power of the Dumpling family magic, their eyes open and their magical little face is formed on the hot side of the rock.madge_fireside1222  Pet rocks are all different, but they have one thing in common. They all  love to sit beside a fire, (not in it, just beside it!). It relaxes them so much their minds expand and they simply can't resist revealing their true nature. When their eyes pop open, thanks to Madge's magic chant, they never close again. They become full-time pets, intelligent, sensitive, trusting and devoted to their owners, and once they find their rightful owners, they refuse to return to the rubble ever again. They resent having to survive in the wild with no one to care for them once they know how nice it is in a home or in a warm pocket. They love to travel around in their owner's pocket, listening in to conversations and influencing things magically in their own quiet, clever little way. Good luck appears as if from nowhere, when a well-loved pet rock is about. They are very nosey and never forget anything. If you hold one to your forehead, it will help remind you of what you may have forgotten.
Ownership of a pet rock gives you automatic membership of the Rubble Club, whose funny little meetings are held every Friday in Madge's kitchen (if you are an Undergrowby gnome), or every Friday here in cyber-space if you are a human.
Sit your pet rocks around you where they can see Madge's face on the computer screen. Go on, it will make their day!

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