Madge Dumpling

I am a six inch tall Undergrowby gnome (a Growby) from the hidden, magical land of Undergrowby. My home is in the Stone Quarry of the Rocky Headlands. We Headlanders, like the mountain that is our home, are heavy in build and do a lot of thinking. We are stuck in our ways and live to a ripe old age, many hundreds of years old, going nowhere and creating rubble wherever we are. Some of this rubble has the potential to become more than it seems under the power of Dumpling magic(my birthright). I alone have the power to turn rubble into pet rocks by the power of fire, my special clapping rhythm and the magical Dumpling chant. I am by title the Quarrymistress of Undergrowby, but nowadays the quarry is reduced to a small pile of rubble, so thankfully my time is free to manage my pet rock whispering service, which is my true calling. I am very pretty, as you can see in my picture, with nice sticky-out browny-grey hair and yellowish skin. I smell sweet and hum and sing as I go. I am a walking encyclopaedia of information about pet rocks and their funny little ways. I consider it my duty to share them with the world at the Rubble Club every Weekend.

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