What is Undergrowby?

Just below the surface of life is a hidden world, much like our own, populated by gnome-like creatures called Growbies. Like us, they have their funny little ways. For those who know them, they are lucky to have around because they are harmless and innocent and always obey the laws of nature. They are very superstitious and are irresistibly drawn to lucky whatnots, magical bits and bobs, ancestral pottery artifacts. Fanatically, they keep their pottery artifacts and lucky whatnots in place where they belong, according to the Map of Mysteries. As a result of their dutiful ways, good luck follows them wherever they go, like an invisible puppy dog.
 We first met the Growbies in 1984. They were a dying tribe struggling to survive in one of the last remaining hedgerows in Lincolnshire. Their ancient hedgerows surrounded our weedy garden, which we had hoped to turn into a vegetable patch. When we got the rotavator out they were forced to show themselves to protect the giant magical weeds they had been cultivating for donkey’s years.
 They were so cute and irresistible they soon had us in the palm of their hands. Their every whim it became our duty to fulfil. They had us digging ponds and planting trees and recreating the land of Undergrowby according to the ancient map of their ancestors, everything in its exact lucky right place where it belonged. They swore us to secrecy.
 We worked hard for them but it was not all one way. They taught us their pottery techniques in exchange for our efforts. Now humans too can buy their lucky human-sized magical pottery curiosities, magic wands, pet rocks, friendship boots, figures, houses, bonfires, gardens, toadstools, psychic telephones, magic spoons, dream cocoons, Map of Mysteries, etc., etc..
 Over the years the Growbies grew in number and thrived so well that the weed patch was no longer big enough for them. The Undergrowby tunnellers and diggers, following the guidance of the Undergrowby Map of Mysteries, explored the earth towards the west and came out in the soft sand of Blackpool beach. The sun was shining and amongst the weird and wonderful characters wandering along Blackpool promenade, nobody gave the tiny Growbies a second glance as they shared a cold bag of chips with the friendly pigeons. It just goes to show, the Map of Mysteries is never wrong!
 Plans were drawn up and a new phase in the history of Undergrowby began when the two removal trucks (one for us, one for the Growbies), drew up outside the designated Undergrowby Magic Wand Factory Shop in DicksonRoad, Blackpool.
 From its shelves, the Growbies, pretending to be pottery artifacts, now wait to be re-homed by kind, gentle humans.
 If you could do with some good luck and are willing to plant some nice weeds in your garden, come and take your pick.

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