The method.

If you have a problem, question, concern or worry, the Map will give you a useful vantage point from which to view the matter. It will offer you a skilful course of action, or a new mind-set to throw a positive light on the way forward. Lay your map on the table and take out your map-reading tools, (your tiny pet rock guide, your Map of Mysteries book and your seven pottery coins) 

Step 1 

Holding the concern in your mind, scan the map to find a place-name which might vaguely remind you of your issue. If not a place-name, perhaps a type of landscape, a colour, an atmosphere. Give yourself time and it will come clear. If you have no set issue, and are just seeking general guidance for the day, follow any vague inner prompting that draws you to a certain spot, perhaps for no logical reason. Don't worry, just go with it. Let yourself be drawn in. You will end up exactly where you are meant to be, whatever you do. 

Step 2 

Put your pet rock map guide on the dot on the map which is nearest to the spot you have chosen to start your journey. The pet rock will take you on a journey to find your secret message which is hidden with in the map. Trust completely in chance now and it will not lead you wrongly. Do not try to control the outcome or impose your own will by targeting any particular destination, just because it sounds nice. This whole episode needs to be relaxing, honest, free-flowing and fun in order for the Map to do its most perfect magic. 

Step 3 

Pick up the seven pottery throwing coins. Each coin has one side blank and one side showing a footstep. Throw them loosely down on or beside the map. Count how many coins fell with the footstep uppermost. That is the number of steps you must take along the path, jumping your pet rock along the dots and stars in whatever direction the pet rock seems to want to go. Go with your first instinct. Go quickly, without thinking. 

Step 4 

When you have made your move, thrown the coins again but this time remove one of the coins so you are throwing six coins. Repeat the process, jumping the pet rock along the path to its next resting place. Keep throwing, each time removing one coin from play until at the end of the journey you will have no coins left. You must even throw the last coin. 

Step 5 

Look at the spot, your destination, where your pet rock guide is now standing. Is it a dot or a star? If it is a star, that is your final destination. If it is a dot, you have one more move to make, and it has to be a quick, spontaneous one. Every journey must end on a star. Look around in the area where your pet rock is standing on its final dot and find the nearest star, the first star that catches you eye. Be honest! It is easy at this point to give in to temptation and jump onto a glamorous-sounding star rather than the one you first saw. 

Step 6 

Look at the star which shines above your destination. What is the number in the middle of it? That number is the number of the destination reading which reveals your secret message. Look in the Map of Mysteries book and you will find towards the rear of the book sixty picture pages, each with a number above the picture. Find the picture number of your destination and read the message/advice below the picture. 

Step 7 

If the message is in any way confusing and you need more clarity, start a new journey from this destination and get an extra message. With a blend of the two messages, light should dawn more clearly. 

Remember, change happens from moment to moment. Situations are affected and re-affected constantly by the way you and others think about them. Once you start to think positively about an issue, helpful invisible forces are drawn in and new ways forward will appear. For that reason, accept the map's advice for what is right only in the here and now, which is, of course, all there is. Fresh insights from the map, therefore, as things change, should be sought on a regular basis. Our own invisible forces (Undergrowby's angels, ancestors and intermediaries who live in the map), are with you for the asking, for as long as you like and as often as you need them.

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